Bloublommetjieskloof biodynamic farm.

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Bloublommetjieskloof fresh & preserve

All Bloublommetjies fresh produce is Demeter certified (Demeter is the trademark for product from certified biodynamic production). These include seasonal herbs like mint, majoram, chives, celery, salad packs, fennel, wild sage, rosemary, wild rosemary, sage, rocket, lemon balm, watercress, nettle, lavender, parsley, thyme. Bloublommetjies Demeter fruit includes blackberries, figs, lemons, guavas, apricots, plums, crabapple, peaches, quince.

Bloublommetjies preserves which include jams, marmalade and juices are made using certified organic sugar.


Compote | ZAR R55

Made from fresh biodynamic sun-ripened fruit and certified organic sugar. Compotes are delicious eaten warm and topped with Bloublommetjies Natural Yoghurt.

Demeter ingredient

Made with seasonal fruit like guavas, quince. 

Ingredients - Fresh fruit, sugar

Jams, Jellies, Preserves & Marmalades

Jams, Jellies, Preserves & Marmalades | ZAR R35

Made from fresh biodynamic sun-ripened fruit and certified organic sugar. Lemon peel is added to some of the jams.

Demeter ingredient

Available in 200g glass jars

Ingredients - Fresh fruit, organic sugar.


Olives | ZAR R35/R60

Hand picked biodynamic olives, preserved in a brine solution. 

DEMETER certified

Available in 300g and 600g in glass jars

Ingredients - olives, rock salt


Meat | ZAR R60 to R140

Humane slaughter on the farm to produce the best quality mothers milk & pasture reared beef. 

Packed into 1kg packs and immediately frozen. 

Fillet, Rump, Ribs, Goulash, Meaty Bones.

Demeter certified

Ingredients - beef

Fresh Herb Packs

Fresh Herb Packs | ZAR R15

Fresh herbs harvested on the morning of delivery . 

Demeter certified

Packed into 100g punnets

Ingredients - fresh seasonal herbs

Herb Salad Packs

Herb Salad Packs | ZAR R15

A 200g fresh salad mix with seasonal salad leaves and herbs - lettuce, sorrel, dandelion, majorana, mint, thyme, fennel, watercress, chives, celery, parsley etc.

Ingredients - mixed salads and herbs